Coin packaging

SOUTH-Packing system

SOUTH-Packing system reliably packs larger quantities of coin rolls into plastic blisters. Depending on the configuration, the system can be operated with 1 — 4 coin wrapping machines.

Adaptable to your environment

SOUTH packing system perfectly integrates in you existing process, as existing wrapping equipment can be continued to use. If you like to use the system e.g. with 2 wrappers now, but later your volume increases, the unit can be upgraded. The unit is very silent and created less noise then other typical equipment in a coin processing center. Various configurations allow the unit to be adapted better to the cash processing room and working methods.


  • Compatible to all professional coin wrappers
  • Personalized exit and feeding belts can be extended
  • Very silent
  • Upgradeable in performance / capacity and functionality

Powerful and efficient

The unit processes up to 120 rolls per minute. This means a fast consumption of foil. In order to reduce the frequency of film replacement, SOUTH packing system has one of the highest film capacities in this segment. Change of denomination is done as quick as you prepare your wrappers to process another denomination.


  • For up to 4 coin wrappers
  • Speed of up to 120 rolls per minute, depending on configuration 300 – 700 blisters per hour
  • High capacity of plastic film (2 rolls each 210mm diameter or more)
  • Fast switching between denominations
  • Advanced anti-jam systems


Of course, SOUTH packing system complies to all required standards.


  • OSH standard
  • CE
  • ROHS