Coin lifts

SOUTH-Lift coin roll

SOUTH-Lift coin roll transports coin rolls from a coin wrapping machine to an ergonomic height so that they can be further packed into plastic blisters or cartons.

Productivity and comfort

Especially in markets with increasing labor costs it is important to increase the productivity of your employees and the same time keep them happy and healthy. SOUTH-Lift coin roll transports coin rolls from your coin wrapper to an ergonomic height for further manual or semi-automatic processing.


  • Transports coin rolls to an ergonomic working height
  • Dust collection bin
  • Pocket for broken rolls
  • Up to 120 rolls per minute

Fits in your process

Whether you pack your rolls into vacuum bags or into boxes, SOUTH-Lift coin roll can be fitted to almost every working table. If you are using SOUTH-Pack table SOUTH-Wrap and SOUTH-Lift coins, the unit works complete plug and play and can be centrally controlled from the table, but it works also with any common 3rd party wrapper.


  • For any common coin wrapper
  • For various table height
  • Small foot print
  • Easy to move
  • Easy and quick to install

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