Coin lifts

SOUTH-Lift coin

Small footprint, a speed of up to 8,000 coins per minute, interfacing with most of the professional equipment in the market and 2 different sizes of containers allow SOUTH-Lift coin to improve efficiency in cash operations of any size.

Productivity and comfort

Especially in markets with increasing labor costs it is important to increase the productivity of your employees and the same time keep them happy and healthy. SOUTH-Lift coins and container system reduce manual work to a minimum. The high capacity of the containers allows you to process up to 50,000 coins non-stop increasing the productivity of your coin sorters or coin wrappers. The containers can be used for unprocessed or sorted coins. They can be easily and independently moved to the next step of their process. The lockable cover allows a secure transport or intermediate storage.


  • High container capacity
  • Independent moving without extra tools
  • Configuration for single or multiple machines
  • Lockable
  • Increases productivity of your coin sorters and wrappers

Fits in your process

Cash Centers usually grow over the years and in most cases, there is a variety of equipment from different manufacturers. SOUTH-Lift coin is designed to work with all common coin sorters and wrappers. The universal control kit allows the lift to feed automatically the coin sorter, wrapper or sachet machine with right the quantity and speed the machine can process. The small footprint allows the lift to be fitted almost everywhere. If processes vary during the working week, the lift can be moved easily to another processing station within the cash center.


  • Up to 8,000 coins per minute
  • Universal control kit and coin exit for all coin sorter and wrappers
  • Small foot print
  • Suitable for SOUTH container system
  • Converter for other containers available
  • Easy and quick to install

Safe and Secure

During the complete process the coin stay low above the floor avoiding the risk of tilting even if driving them over bumps. Wear-free detections sensor make sure that the lift cannot operate without inserted container. Lifts and container are made of very durable components. The docking plate of the containers are designed of several layers of steel with a total of 12mm to withstand daily operation in the roughest environment.


  • Affordable TCO
  • Automatic container recognition
  • No need of lifting up the container
  • Durable materials and design