Coin sorters

EvoSort H9™

High throughput, ideal ergonomics and the right flexibility to integrate quickly into your cash center without alterations to your sorting stations. Our latest coin sorter EvoSort H9™ combines all major requirements for medium and high volume sites.


Adaptable to your environment

Whatever your work place looks like – EvoSorts H9‘™ low entry to exit height, its design and flexibility allow for simple integration of the unit into your existing infrastructure, or it can help to re-design it for more efficient operations, and can even assist in reducing your service costs.

  • Suitable for currencies with specific challenges as CHF and GBP
  • Buttons and touchscreen can be installed left or right
  • Large pocket space for easy bag hanging
  • Very low height of only 255mm offers more flexibility
  • Can be used with SOUTH container system or with running belts
  • RS232, LAN, USB for software, peripherals and service
  • Special interfaces for coin elevators, belt systems etc.
  • Variety of stands for different environments


Comfortable to use

Hopper, buttons, touch-interface, screen printer and coin path are all at the right place. No permanent bending and standing up. The large but low hopper gives ideal visibility and facilitates the machines‘ feeding. Screen, buttons and functions can be adapted to your companies’ work-flow requirements.

  • Coin loading and unloading at desktop height
  • 5 physical and customizable quick access buttons
  • Multi-language user-interface
  • TFT color touchscreen with 3D position adjustment
  • Removable reject pocket
  • LED buttons at each exit pocket
  • Functions and screen customizable by site administrator
  • Direct access to disc and coin transport without the need to remove coins
  • Tray area for coin bags
  • Suitable for vacuum bag preparation
  • Integrated cash management software
  • Dust removing system
  • Ideal for token processing.

Heavy duty

For big volumes

All cash center operations require coins to be sorted in a fast, continuous and reliable manner into large receptacles for further processing. Electronic sorting is available for special applications. With reliable forged coin detection, EvoSort H9™ also provides excellent foreign coin rejection levels proven through vigorous testing.

  • Up to 3,000 coins per minute with full detection.
  • Low “loss of speed” rate
  • Wide and easy accessible hopper with a capacity over 10,000 coins
  • 9+1 pockets
  • Durable material combination of special alloy and ceramics
  • 2-level dust removing system
  • Simple belt replacement possible by operator
  • Throughput efficiency up to 99,8 %
  • CashDNA™ Sensor System with multiple recognition technologies
  • Only low voltage used within the unit
  • Compliant to OSH regulations
  • Compliant to EU regulation 1210/2010

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