Mix coin counters

CMX20 cashMAX®

The compact and robust counting unit with reliable detection and a processing speed of up to 2,500 coins per minute makes the CMX20 the ideal machine to process deposits quickly in cash centres, bigger bank branches and other high volume locations which need to process mixed coins.

Heavy duty and convenient

CMX20s core unit has been running for years in heavy duty environments and have proven trouble-free operation in cash centers and other demanding locations.


  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Big and robust rubber keys
  • Large hopper for 3,500 coins (Euro-Mix) and max. 6,000 coins (dimes)
  • Contact free detection system
  • All functions are quickly accessible
  • Automatic and silent belt feeding
  • Easily accessible coin path

Powerful and reliable

The non-volatile memory secures your counting data also in case of power failure. The successful certification and the optionally available statistic box allow credit institutions to work and report according the regulations for cash professionals.


  • Up to 2,500 coins per minute
  • Complies with EU regulation 1210/2010
  • Optional statistic box
  • Interfaces for RS232, display and printer
  • Variable batch settings
  • For Mix counting / Denomination sorting
  • Big coins size range 14 – 34 mm x 0.8 – 3.5 mm

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