Banknote counters

TN05 cashDNA®

With outstanding performance, a processing speed of up to 1,500 notes per minute and with functions that will surprise you in this category, TN05™ is the most advanced note counter in its class and the ideal choice for bank branches handling with difficult banknotes.

Convenient to use

Hopper, buttons, touch-interface, screen, printer and note path are all well positioned and user friendly. The large but still very low hopper allows perfect visibility and facilitates the machines‘ feeding. L’écran, les boutons et les fonctions peuvent être adaptés aux exigences de votre entreprise en matière de flux de travail.


  • 3,5” Color-LCD user interface with touch
  • Counting modes mix, single, piece count, imode (depending on currency)
  • 3 fix and 3 variable batch stops
  • Integrated Date & Time processor
  • 2 physical buttons and 5 configurable soft-keys
  • Integrated cash management software with counting ID, extra value, last counts, 4 different users
  • Teller Assistance program with auto-detail, auto-print, auto-print & safe, dual ADD
  • Interface utilisateur multilingue
  • Adjustable count start delay, number format, level and type of alarm signal

Durable and Professional

High Speed note processing, flexibility and reliability makes your note processing more efficient.


  • Speed 1500/ 1200 / 1000 / 800 Notes per minute, individually adjustable by counting mode
  • Large Hopper capacity for up to 600 notes
  • Stacker capacity 200 for notes
  • Easy access to note path
  • Feeding analysis function
  • Error logging
  • Service counter & Statistics
  • System report
  • Software updates via SD-Card
  • Communication USB 2.0, RS232, SD-Card, Printer external display

Safe & Secure

Secured parameters and limited access along with a reliable detection system give you more security. TN05 meets all required compliance standards.


  • 2D Multi-scan detection with adaptive UV
  • Up to 5 currencies
  • Density settings of 200 levels individually and self-adjusting by denomination and currency
  • 3 separately locked menus for admin, system and technician
  • Lockable count modes
  • Count statistic for selectable period
  • Seule la basse tension est utilisée
  • Conforme à la réglementation SST
  • CE
  • ROHS

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