Compteuses de pièces

CMX01 cashMAX®

CMX01 is the lightest coin counter in its class. Its integrated handle allows easy carrying. The small footprint leaves more space on your desk when used in shop or office.

Fast and efficient

CMX01 counts up to 3,400 coins per minute. Rapidswitch™ allows up to 30 % faster bag change and up to 40 % time saving in tubing. The optional foot pedal makes tubing even faster.


  • Up to 3,400 coins/tokens per minute
  • For metal coins and most plastic tokens
  • Hopper capacity up to 1,800 coins
  • Large coin size range D 14 – 34 mm T: 0.8 – 3.8 mm
  • RapidSwitch™ for quicker tubing and bag packing

Making the job easier

The color LCD display makes more information visible than any other machine in this category. The assistance program helps managing the counting results and helps printing the total sums via an external printer. Function keys allow direct access to all routine settings.


  • 3“ color LCD with large visibility angle
  • Full access to coin path even with full hopper
  • Understandable error messages (no codes)
  • Batch 0 – 99,999 coins per bag
  • Individual batch stops by denomination
  • Possibility to calculate value and total of counting
  • External printer interface
  • light and easy to carry

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