New SOUTH Compact Coin Deposit

يونيو 10, 2020

New SOUTH Compact Coin Deposit

SOUTH new Compact Coin Deposit allows access to automatized coin depositing in more locations and business cases. So far solutions were not affordable, did not meet the requirements of handling stable a certain coin volume or were just too bulky. 

D110 series allows upgrading Note Deposit machines, extending payment terminals and more interesting applications.

Although that compact, the unit is equipped with the same “full” coin mechanism as our big deposit units, able to process bulk coins with a speed of up to 1,000 coins per minute.

But also, the separated access of counting module and cash, the possibilities to use a uniform safe lock system as all other serviced devices, are features from big coin deposit units that are now also accessible in a small unit.

With only 64cm height SOUTH compact deposit can often fit under tables and counters to save footprint, but not only “on site”, presentations, pilots and installations can be handled much easier as it can be carried in most regular cars.

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SOUTH compact coin deposit