OEM & integration

D110 Compact Coin Deposit unit

SOUTH new Compact Coin Deposit allows access to automatized coin depositing in more locations and business cases. So far solutions were not affordable, did not meet the requirements of handling stable a certain coin volume or were just too bulky.

D110 series allows upgrading Note Deposit machines, extending payment terminals by a bulk deposit function, or connecting it to any cashier system where accepted coins can be too many to count them by hand.

The compact size allows operation on minimum space. Combined with a large screen it is a good base to create an attractive unit for fee-based deposit services.

It also allows a simple and economic way to remove manual counting in retail, bank branches, and Cash & Carry markets, but without changing known processes and still keeping contact with the customer. This might be by a control application installed on the service-desk PC or by integration to the cashier systems.

Tiny but powerful

Although that compact, the unit is equipped with the same “full” coin mechanism as our big deposit units, able to process bulk coins with a speed of up to 1,000 coins per minute.

But also, the separated access of counting module and cash, the possibilities to use a uniform safe lock system as all other serviced devices, are features from big coin deposit units that are now also accessible in a small unit.

Fits almost anywhere

With only 64cm height SOUTH compact deposit can often fit under tables and counters to save footprint, but not only “on site”, presentations, pilots and installations can be handled much easier as it can be carried in most regular cars.

Upgrade your note deposits

Balancing of note deposit units is often a headache as coins need to be considered always manually. Once you integrated SOUTH Compact Deposit to your note deposit units, you can offer your customer an upgrade without major modification, if any, on the existing hardware.

Build your own

Do you need a tailor-made product, for example with extra-large screen, special receptacles, a specific height? Or do you have a lot of different request you need to adapt to? You may use SOUTH compact deposit as a core unit and add on top or around the individual requirements. It will allow you to react quickly to market demands, but also to simplify service by using less models and technologies.


The communication protocol allows you a detailed control of the unit. Integrate as deep as you wish. This may be just basic counting functions up to full control of all service functions – allowing you to work without an extra service software, even remotely.

A large number of currencies are already available and new ones can be integrated in most cases within days.

SOUTH Compact Deposit is equipped with 1 (D101) or 2 coin outputs (D102). In standard configuration you can hang one or 2 bags and limit the weight for example to 15kg each, but of course you can also install a container using the full space in the lower compartment.


The latest cashDNA(TM) Sensor System offers the highest level of security in regards to forged and foreign coins.