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Modular Cash Center System for central coin processing
Cash handling requires flexibility. The available space, coin volume, logistical factors as well as characteristics of coins to be processed are important criteria for the right configuration of the system, and all those criteria can change over time.

Our coin lines offer the flexibility to adjust to such changes with the smallest possible financial effort, without losing efficiency or ergonomics.

The system components are designed to work together to assure a high comfort for user. The system is configured to be operated on a small footprint, but even if this should not be enough, it can be separated into two to three different rooms, so that effort for modifications of the site can be avoided.

Did you recently invest already in a coin wrapper, sorter or other product? No Problem! We check for you if these products can be integrated into our system.


cashDNA® line offer  note and coin processing equipment for the demanding customer.


cashMAX® line offers robust coin processing Equipment for banks, retailer and smaller cash centres.