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South at EuroCIS

SOUTH Automation Int. GmbH, Fabrizio Mitrugno
September 2019 — 31 views

Membership at the BMWL

SOUTH Automation Int. GmbH, Fabrizio Mitrugno
February 2018 — 2030 views

The new 50 €-note is coming

South Automation Office
January 2017 — 4034 views

Press release - company renaming

South Automation Office
January 2017 — 2824 views


South Automation Office
December 2016 — 3312 views

About us

Our core activities are the development, production and distribution of solutions for banks, retailers, and everywhere else where cash needs to be processed. In our industrial solutions department we develop specialized solutions for mints and other demanding customers – the places where the money is made.

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cashDNA® line offer note and coin processing equipment for the demanding customer.


cashMAX® line offers robust coin processing Equipment for banks, retailer and smaller cash centres.

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